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Anti Aging / Sensitive Skin

Over time our skin loses an important protein to keeping to looking young. Around 30% of all proteins in humen body are collagen. Collagen production typically begins to decline after the age of 40. Dr.Meso collagen repair system, protects, suports,and restores collagen levels

All my life I have had dry skin.  After trying so many creams, I never found a solution to the dryness. After 40 my skin began changing – visibly & frustratingly worse. My Dr. explained that after age 21 we begin to lose 1% collagen per year. Alcohol, tobacco & sun speed this up another 3% per year. The problem was clear. I searched and searched, and without fillers, Dr.Meso offered the best natural collagen rebuilding & hydrating solution - especially the DR.MESO Night hydrating gel. - Sara H. (North York, ON)
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