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Nurture Your Skin's Microbiome

Dr. Meso products – really skin treatments -- are specially formulated to respect the balance, diversity & vitality of your skin microbiome or the skin flora. What is the microbiome, you may ask and why is it so important to maintain it?  Healthy, and thus beautiful, skin enjoys and needs the benefits from this diverse community of unseen microorganisms…

According to a review  entitled “Human Skin Microbiome” (Allyson L. Byrd, Yasmine Belkaid and Julia A. Segre in Nature MARCH 2018 | VOLUME 16),

“Functioning as the exterior interface of the human body with the environment, skin acts as a physical barrier to prevent the invasion of foreign pathogens while providing a home to the commensal microbiota.”

“Our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compose the skin microbiota. Similar to those in our gut, skin microorganisms have essential roles in the protection against invading pathogens, the education of our immune system and the breakdown of natural products.”

According to Michael Eisenstein in “The skin microbiome” (Nature | Vol 588 | 17 December 2020 | S209)

“…the skin is an inhospitable expanse (re microbiome). Much of the epidermal layer that protects humans from the elements is dry, salty, acidic and nutrient-poor.”

“Over the past decade, researchers have uncovered evidence of extensive communication between bacteria, skin cells and immune cells. These interactions help to reinforce and repair the barrier formed by the skin, bolster the body’s defences against infection and tamp down excess inflammation. Perturbations in this epidermal ecosystem can leave the skin susceptible to immune hypersensitivity disorders, such as eczema and skin allergies, or interfere with healing…”

In fact, new research shows that a healthy microbiome may be able to protect us from harmful UV rays.

The lessons are “clear”, so to speak… Skin is the largest organ of the body, and a lot more complex that most people think.  So choose your skin care regime very carefully.  Nature abhors a vacuum….do not just scrub away your microbiome…Nurture the good bacteria

Choose cleansers and routines that are pH balanced, as many soap routines are alkalinizing.  Dr. Meso cleansers are properly pH balanced for the skin.   

Also, not all hyaluronic acids are the same.  Studies have shown that proper grades of HA will respect the balance and diversity of skin friendly bacteria without interfering with growth behaviour on the skin. Trust the pharmaceutical grade ingredients in Dr. Meso’s Sensitive line.

Unsurprisingly “maskne” is on the rise.  Dr. Meso Oily Free treatments reduce sebum-correlated bacteria – thus protect skin against the effects of “maskne”.  With a daily Dr. Meso routine you reduce shine and positively rebalance the facial microbiome. 

Let your microbiome thrive!  On to your healthier, beautiful skin!